Frequently Asked Questions

{ In Case You Were Curious }

Why the name VINTAGE?

Vintage has two layers of meaning, both of which hold deep significance for us. First, if something is labled “vintage” it’s both old & new, holding contemporary appeal & treasured timelessness. With that in mind, we believe it’s necessary to present the unchanging truths of Jesus in ways that translates into today’s culture.  Second, vintage also means “of the vine,” giving us a constant reminder that all growth, ministry, success, & life we experience as a church have Jesus at the center, Who said, “I am the vine, you are the branches. Apart from Me, you can do nothing.
(John 15:5)

What denomination are you?

Vintage was planted by a non-denominational Church called Heartland.k10 in Olathe, KS in 2004. When we launched out on our own, and took on the name Vintage Church, we looked extensively at aligning with several denominations, and missions groups. Eventually, though, we opted to remain non-denominational, as we felt it was the best expression of who we are as a community.  We were convinced this was the best way for us to accomplish our mission in Lawrence…

What is your leadership structure?

We acknowledge that the Head of Vintage Church is Jesus Christ. From a human perspective, we are led by our Steering Team (“Elders” in church language) of which our Pastor serves as “president.” Additionally, we have many gifted members who serve on our Covenant Team (“Deacons” in church language) who help with the day-to-day ministries, some of whom lead various ministry teams. In the unlikely event that Vintage encounters significant issues at the Steering Team level, we have a group of Overseers (“Bishops” in church language), consisting of a team of seasoned, regional pastors who have outside authority to navigate us through any internal situations that might arise.