Our Leadership Team

{ The Men & Women Who Shepherd Vintage Church }

Deacon Godsey

Lead Pastor

Originally from Minnesota, Deacon & his wife Jill were married in 1995 & have been in full-time ministry pretty much ever since.  Isaac is their 11yr old son, & Duke & Ton Ton are the family dogs. Deacon has a BA in Biblical Studies / Theology & Pastoral Leadership and is currently earning a Master of Arts in New Testament Theology. Deacon’s love language is “sports,” & he’s a huge fan of the Royals, while also enjoying the Chiefs, Sporting KC, the Vikings, the Twins (when they’re not playing the Royals), & the Kansas Jayhawks.


Joy Marker is our Administrative Assistant, working 12hrs/wk to help move things forward day-to-day. Please contact her if you need anything!

Family Ministries Coordinator

Jill oversees children’s ministry, and leads our missional community for middle and high school students at Vintage!

Our Steering Team, Trustee Team & Six Month Goals

Our Steering Team is an advisory (Elder) board comprised at least 6 individuals who provide overall leadership & oversight for Vintage Church.

Current team members are listed below. Our current six month goals (from May ’17 – Oct ’17) include:

  1. UP: produce morning and evening prayer liturgies for the people of Vintage Church
  2. UP: establish a new Beginnings seminar for those looking to explore life at Vintage
  3. UP: get an Usher Team in place for Sunday services
  4. IN: install & utilize a new in-house communication network for announcements, groups, etc.
  5. IN: secure permanent, long-term financing for the building
  6. IN: finalize a job description & budget plan for a potential new “IN” pastor (to join staff in 2018)
  7. OUT: continue ongoing involvement with Habitat For Humanity over the summer
  8. OUT: recruit no fewer than 10 new child sponsorships through Fields of Promise
  9. OUT: partner with Family Promise to help flip their new temporary housing spaces

Deacon Godsey
(Steering Team)

 Deacon provides point leadership, and gives overall vision/direction for Vintage.

Kelsey Barnes
(Steering Team)

Kelsey serves with 1st Impressions,
while Jim serves on the worship team

Mike Blakeman
(Steering Team)

Mike helps invest in our web & media teams,
while Stacey serves with Vintage Kids

Bob Dinsdale
(Trustee Team)

Bob serves with Family Promise and is part of our communion team.

Jami Flynn
(Steering Team)

Jami & John also lead our worship ministry,
as well as co-leading an MC for artists

Jonathan Groene
(Trustee Team)

Jonathan serves with Family Promise and works with Habitat For Humanity.

Arlyn Janssen
(Steering Team)

Arlyn serves on our prayer team,
while Joanne serves w/Vintage Kids

Robbin Kerth
(Trustee Team)

Robbin helps oversee our finances, plays the bass & is an all-around handyman

Matt Kirkland
(Trustee Team)

Matt helps lead a missional community for our college students and young adults.

Jenny Knight
(Trustee Team)

Jenny helps host Get To Know Vintage potluck suppers in their home.

Joy Rhea
(Steering Team)

Joy & Aaron also help lead one of our MCs,
while Aaron is our resident electrician

Jeremy Shellhorn
(Steering Team)

Jeremy & Amy co-lead an MC for artists,
as well as serving in Vintage Kids

Volunteer Leaders

Vintage Church has a variety of ministry teams, all of which receive direct, hands-on oversight from a trusted, qualified volunteer leader.
We couldn’t be more proud of our leaders.  For more details on the ministry opportunities available @ Vintage, check out the Ministries section!