Vintage Kids

{ Kids Growing In Relationship With Jesus, Each Other & The World }

Vintage Kids

VintageKids strives to provide a fun, life-giving environment for kids, whether infant/toddler (birth-age 2), preschool (age 3-K),
or elementary (grades 1-5). We offer a full children’s ministry @ our 10:00am service.

As a missional community, our kids join Vintage as a whole in learning about how to live:

UP (as they love God)
IN (as they love one another)
OUT (as they love the world)

For more info about VintageKids, or if you’d like to hear about volunteer opportunities or have other questions, email Jill Godsey or call 785.764.4489!



The Vintage Kids Children’s Ministry is growing! On a weekly basis we have any where from 35-50 kids attending one of our class rooms. A couple of years ago we expanded our nursery that was averaging 8-12 kids under the age of 2 so we could offer an infant room AND a toddler room. When this change took place our 4th/5th graders moved to the upper room. Now, once again, we are needing to expand!

Our preschool room has anywhere from 10-15 kids on a regular basis. We love having so many 3-5 years old kids each week (!), but between the size of the actual classroom and the sheer number of kids, we believe it best to add a separate 3 year old room. The development of a 3 year old compared to a 5 year old is pretty significant, and we would love to have a preschool class geared for our 3 year old kids, while still offering a preschool class for our 4/5 year old kids.

A few things need to happen In order to make this change possible. We’re working on installing some sliding doors in our Upper Room so we can have the 4th/5th grade class on one side and the 2nd/3rd grade class on the other side. This will free up a classroom downstairs to dedicate to our 3 year olds. We will then need to create a room with toys and a small table/chairs for our new preschool room. These changes are impossible, however, without additional (new) volunteer help and some new supplies.  

With that in mind, we are currently looking for 8 new volunteers to step up and serve in this 3 year old class.  It could be a married couple who chooses to serve once a month, a parent with a 6th grader or older, 2 friends, 2 strangers who are willing to become to friends, or any other set of people who are willing to give 1.5 hours once a month to create a safe place for our kids while also teaching a lesson and facilitating a craft.

We also need a small table/chairs, some new age appropriate toys, and other basic supplies for this class.  We may need to buy some new items, but we want to see if any of you may already have these items before we do so.

If you’re able/willing to assist with serving in a new 3 year old class – or help provide any of the supplies needed – please let me know ASAP!

Thanks so much,

Jill Godsey
Vintage Kids Director