The Christmas Story is so well-known that it is easily dismissed & overlooked in light of the “Happy Holidays” portrait our culture has painted today. But, when we look back at Christmas from the perspective of those living in Jesus’ day, this was a radical & unprecedented breakthrough of the love of God into our world.

During this series, we looked at the Christmas story through the Eyes of some of the original characters; Caesar Augustus, the Prophet Zechariah, Joseph of Nazareth, the Magi from the East, & Jesus’ Mother Mary. By focusing on their perspectives, we hoped to “see what they saw” so we might hear & understand what God might be saying to us today…

1. November 28Stephen, the Martyr

2. December 5Zechariah, the Priest

3. December 12Joseph, the Carpenter

4. December 19Wisemen, from the East

5. December 24Mary, the Mother