For many, Scripture is like Shakespeare: valued & enjoyed, but seldom understood. But it’s not out of reach! The ability to identify the main themes of Scripture is a skill you can learn, even as you apply it to your own life.  Covenant + Kingdom: The DNA of the Bible was a 6-week series based on the book by Mike Breen.

Although the great Biblical themes of Covenant + Kingdom find their fullest expression in Jesus, Covenant goes all the way back to the beginning, when the only thing required was to maintain the “oneness” God had created. After the Fall, the way was blocked, but God built a Covenant bridge back to us: one that was fulfilled in Jesus, as He offered Himself as the ultimate blood sacrifice on the cross!

The Bible is about God, our Father, inviting us to know Him in a real & personal way. Covenant + Kingdom: The DNA of the Bible provided insight & understanding about your own relationship with God & helped us develop that relationship together as a community.

1. Sunday, August 28 :: Abraham & Sarah

2. Sunday, September 4 :: Joseph

3. Sunday, September 11 :: Moses

4. Sunday, September 25 :: The Temptations of Jesus

5. Sunday, October 2 :: Jesus & The Cross

6. Sunday, October 9 :: Jesus & The Church