Groups, Studies, etc.

{ Growing Your Relationship With God }

 If You’re Looking To Grow “UP”…

Vintage offers a variety of discipleship environments to help you grow UP in your relationship with God.

From bible studies, to haverims (hebrew for “a group of friends”), to huddles (an intense, “401-level” invitation-only setting), & more,
there are a number of opportunities to connect with others & grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Here’s a list of our current discipleship environments, along with leader contact info.

If you have further questions about any info listed here – or below – feel free to let Deacon know!

Women’s Bible Studies

Leaders: Amy Timkar & Sandy Warnock
Topic: UP, IN & OUT
Day/Time: Sundays @ 3:30
Location: Vintage Church

Leader: Stacey Blakeman
Topic: Bible study (moms of babies/toddlers)
Day/Time: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays @ 7:30pm
Location: Stacey’s house

Leader: Jami Flynn
Topic: Check w/Jami!
Day/Time: Thu @ 6:30am
Location: Vintage Church

Leader: Katherine Dinsdale
Topic:Check w/Katherine!
Day/Time: Thursday’s
Details: Ask Susan Stuever

Men’s Haverim

Leader: Bob Dinsdale
Topic: The Moravian Daily Text
Day/Time: Wednesdays @ 7:00am
Location: Dillon’s Cafe @ 6th & Wakarusa

Leader: Deacon Godsey
Topic: Life & teaching of Jesus
Day/Time: Fridays @ 9:00am
Location: Wake The Dead; east of 7th/Mass

Men’s Bible Studies

Leader: Rick McNabb
Topic: Weekly devotional topics
Day/Time: Fri @ 7:00am
Location: Milton’s