This series was set in a unique & exciting season season in the life of our church. By God’s grace—& through the sacrificial giving of our congregation—we were preparing to find, hire, & deploy a new Pastor of Vision Implementation. This was the single most important step we could make at the time to accomplish our vision as a community of faith…

While we weren’t enamored by “church-growth secrets,” we are committed to the principle that “healthy churches grow.” But how do they grow? What does healthy growth look like? How do we continue to be faithful to God during this season where we anticipate further growth towards our mission?

To ask (& answer) these questions, we embarked on this series, taking four weeks to explore four images found in Paul’s letter of 1st Corinthians, where he likens the Church itself to “God’s Field,” “God’s Building,” the “Body of Christ,” & a “Community of Love.” Our goal was to find out what healthy growth looks like, to share with the congregation what we were looking for in our second staff member, & to explain where we believe God was taking us during this exciting time.

1. September 19God’s Field

2. September 26God’s Building

3. October 3Christ’s Body

4. October 10God’s Love