For years Christians have been asking “Where would you go if you died tonight?”  As it turns out, though, many well-meaning believers have been giving the wrong answer (& potentially asking the wrong question!) Far more than simply “going to heaven,” the Bible paints an incredible picture of the rich, mind-blowing, unprecedented, already-but-not-yet hope we have & sums it up in one word: RESURRECTION.

Unfortunately, the Biblical picture of resurrection is often unstudied, & therefore often misunderstood or – worse yet – neglected & ignored altogether.  In light of this troubling reality, this eight-part series aimed to bring the hope of Biblical resurrection back to its rightful place at the center of our theology & the lives we live each day.  We also sought to lovingly dispel some of the popular-but-inaccurate (or incomplete) views about life, death & of course life after death…

1. March 13Our Hope Is UNIQUE

2. March 20Our Hope Is REAL

3. March 27Our Hope Is HUGE

4. April 3Our Hope Is AUTHENTIC

5. April 10Our Hope Is STRONG

6. April 17Our Hope Is NOW & NOT YET

7. April 22Our Hope Is SECURE

8. April 24Our Hope Is LIFE