3 Month Bible Reading Plan

{ To Help You Grow In Jesus }

There are two vital decisions you must make in order to cultivate a life of intimacy with Jesus.

You must make the Time:

Like any activity or relationship, you must make and prioritize your time for activities that are most important to you. Choose a Quiet place at a set time each day. (I.e. Right after breakfast, before you go to bed at night, during your lunch break. Find the time you’re at your best!)

You must have a plan:

We have chosen to go through a specific Scripture Reading Plan as a Church community. If you are new to spending time with God, we suggest you follow the “Scripture Reading 101” guide that is included in this Insert. We have chosen 3 months worth of Scripture readings that will give you a solid, easy to understand, and comprehensive introduction to the Bible as a whole. Additionally, we publish and hand-out Bookmarks with Specific Scriptures that go along with our teachings each month. These Bookmarks are available on Sunday Nights at the Connect Table.

Spending time in Prayer

(The Lord’s Prayer)

  1. Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be Your Name:
    (Praise God for Who he Is and for all he’s Done)
  2. Your Kingdom Come:
    (Pray for Vintage, the Ministry arena God has called you to serve in, for Lawrence, for the World, for people you would like to pray for, and for your friends who don’t know Jesus)
  3. Our Daily Bread:
    (Pray for the details of your day, for the people you will encounter today, for your family, and anything that is weighing upon your heart and mind today)
  4. Forgive Us this Day:
    (Pray for and confess Your sins, pray for the people you need to forgive, and thank Jesus for the gift of Christ’s blood shed on the cross for you)
  5. Lead Us not into Temptation:
    (Pray for areas you need protection in, for the disciplines you need, and that his presence will be with you and lead you throughout the day)
  6. For Yours is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory Forever:
    (Close with words of Praise and Thanksgiving)

Spending time in the Bible

Here is a simple Plan we encourage you to use as you approach spending Daily time with God.

Step one:

Find the Bible Passage corresponding to today’s date in the bible reading plan on your bookmark or the “Scripture Reading 101” guide included in this insert. Turn to the chapter in your Bible and ask Jesus to meet you in your time today.

Step two:

Read the passages. As you are reading, pay attention to anything the Lord impresses to your life as a personal word to be applied. When you read with an open heart, the Lord will give you words of encouragement, direction, and correction. (2 Tim. 3:16)

Step three:

When God has revealed a special lesson to you, record your thoughts in a journal that you set aside for this specific purpose.

  1. Enter the date and page number.
  2. Record a topic that would generally describe the lesson.
  3. Write what God has revealed to you.
  4. Give application as to how you will be different today because of what you have just read.
  5. Record a Response to God.

Step four:

Conclude your daily devotional time by praying for what you’ve written down. We encourage you to use “the Lord’s Prayer” as a Model for directing your time of prayer which is included here and on each Bookmark.

Scripture Reading 101

Your first 90 days of readings