The season of advent is about waiting…for the arrival of Jesus in the form of a helpless baby, and for His return as a conquering King. Our annual advent series helps prepare our hearts, both to await – and to celebrate – the gift of Jesus, and to focus our hearts on Him during the Christmas season.

1. November 30 – The Advent of Jesus is…HOPE

2. December 7 – The Advent of Jesus is…PEACE (here is the Who I Am In Christ list mentioned in the message)

3. December 14 – The Advent of Jesus is…LOVE

4. December 21 – The Advent of Jesus is…JOY

5. December 24 – The Advent of Jesus is…LIGHT (Christmas Eve)

What Is Advent?

Check out this short video about the meaning of advent,
and it’s value for us as followers of Jesus…