Vintage Staff

Deacon Godsey (he/him)

Lead Pastor
Deacon and Jill were married in 1995. They have an 18yr old Senior in High School, set to attend Wichita State in '24.  Deacon has a BA in Biblical Studies /Theology & Pastoral Leadership, and a Master of Arts in New Testament Theology. Deacon provides general oversight to Vintage as a whole, and is an Adjunct Professor of Religion at Ottawa University.

John Flynn (he/him)

Community Life Pastor
John and Jami have been married for 36 years and have served for over 30 years as worship/ discipleship leaders. John has experience in business, HR and music performance. His key roles are building “IN” opportunities at Vintage, and helping extend our “OUT”ward reach.

Shannon Ralph (she/her)

Vintage Kids Pastor
Shannon has a doctorate from Kansas State, served as a volunteer with Vintage Kids for several years, and is the only member of the Vintage family (that we know of!) who met President Obama face-to-face when she was awarded Teacher of the Year in Kansas!

Jami Flynn (she/her)

Worship Pastor
Jami has decades of musical and worship leading experience, as well as years of investing in the lives of others, and in the life of Vintage Church. Jami's primary job is owning the Hair Art studio here in Lawrence, as well as serving as a volunteer member of the Vintage staff. 

Steering Team

Deacon Godsey (he/him)

Stacey Blakeman (she/her)

Katherine Dinsdale (she/her)

Heather Duris (she/her)

Brandon Graves (he/him)

James Hilliard (he/him)

Kirk Hutson (he/him - Chair)

Mikayla Swart (she/her)

Trustee Team

Melanie Harvey (she/her - Team Chair)

Ryan Jorgenson (he/him)

Aaron Rhea (he/him)

Jenna Rodriguez (she/her)

Brad Ralph (he/him)

Kevin Stuever (he/him)