Vintage Staff

Deacon Godsey (he/him)

Lead Pastor
Deacon and Jill were married in 1995. They have an 18yr old Senior in High School, set to attend Wichita State in '24.  Deacon has a BA in Biblical Studies /Theology & Pastoral Leadership, and a Master of Arts in New Testament Theology. Deacon provides general oversight to Vintage as a whole, and is an Adjunct Professor of Religion at Ottawa University.

John Flynn (he/him)

Community Life Pastor
John and Jami have been married for 36 years and have served for over 30 years as worship/ discipleship leaders. John has experience in business, HR and music performance. His key roles are building “IN” opportunities at Vintage, and helping extend our “OUT”ward reach.

Shannon Ralph (she/her)

Vintage Kids Pastor
Shannon has a doctorate from Kansas State, served as a volunteer with Vintage Kids for several years, and is the only member of the Vintage family (that we know of!) who met President Obama face-to-face when she was awarded Teacher of the Year in Kansas!

Sue Haley (she/her)

Office Manager
Sue manages the office and provides administrative assistance to our staff and ministry teams to help move things forward on a day-to-day basis. Sue and her husband John also help with communion preparation, and just about anything else needed!

Steering Team

Deacon Godsey (he/him)

Stacey Blakeman (she/her)

Katherine Dinsdale (she/her)

Heather Duris (she/her)

Brandon Graves (he/him)

James Hilliard (he/him)

Kirk Hutson (he/him - Chair)

Mikayla Swart (she/her)

Trustee Team

Melanie Harvey (she/her - Team Chair)

Ryan Jorgenson (he/him)

Aaron Rhea (he/him)

Jenna Rodriguez (she/her)

Brad Ralph (he/him)

Kevin Stuever (he/him)